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WE offers a fully integrated total logistics service of the highest quality that provides the greatest possible value to its customers.

The SANHE as freight forwarder's core responsibilities

Most freight forwarders are likely to specialise in particular service areas, modes of transport or markets. Freight forwarders are often seen as the travel agents of international trading. If you have a consignment of goods you need to move from country A to country B, SANHE will identify and book the best routes, modes of transport and specific carriers for you dependent on your requirements. Many transport and logistics operators also offer freight-forwarding services.

Using a forwarder can cut your costs. Because they arrange for the transport of huge numbers of consignments, they can consolidate loads going to a single destination to keep freight charges down for individual traders. However, as with most business transactions, you should compare prices from a range of suppliers to find the best level of cost and service for you.

The costs of using a freight forwarder

The five main factors that influence cost are:

  • mode of transport, eg airfreight can be significantly more expensive than transit by road, rail or ship
  • distance/destination - the farther your goods have to travel, or the more unusual the destination, the higher costs are likely to be
  • weight and volume - charges are usually based on the weight of goods, but calculation switches to volume above a certain threshold (one cubic metre per tonne for shipping, three for road, and six for air)
  • value - in some instances, such as earthenware and woollen textiles, charges are calculated on the basis of goods' value per tonne
  • the type of contract you have with the freight forwarder - while most forwarders usually charge per shipment, some will agree an annual service contract, so you should weigh up the costs and benefits of each type

Extras for which there will be charges

  • dangerous goods
  • perishable goods and live animals
  • outsize goods that don't fit in standard containers
  • other irregular goods, eg a load that can't have anything stacked on top of it, or goods that require a special crane for loading

Labelling and packaging your goods for export

One of the main tasks facing any exporter is to make sure that goods reach their buyers and their final consumers in perfect condition. The key is to get your export packaging and labelling right. There is a huge range of packaging options you can use - from cartons and drums to wooden pallets and metal containers. As well as making sure your goods are securely packaged, you also have to check that they're appropriately marked or labelled to ensure they're handled properly while in transit.

Regulatory Approval with SIRIM, MITI & Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST)

Our team able to assist in communications industry as well as electrical and safety products in order to assist importers and exporters to obtain the necessary and proper approvals for their products.

  • SIRIM Approval services for communications products
  • Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST) Approval services for electrical products
  • MITI Approval services for Safety and Strategic products
  • Certificate of Approval services for Steel products from SIRIM & MITI
  • CB scheme application services from SIRIM
  • SIRIM MS Standard Product Certification
  • JAKIM’s HALAL application services